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Luke Johnson
 Challenge to Scientific Consensus on Global Warming: Analysis Finds Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man-Made Global Warming Fears

but... but... but... al gore said they are wrong! HE INVENTED THE INTERNET... he has to be right!

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hello friends. 2006 has been a so-so year in music, releasing a couple of good albums. here, i will share some of my favorites from the past year. keep in mind that this isn't in any particular order.

well... it's been quite the year.
i hope everyone has a safe & fun new years.

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all i have to say is that trance house this year is definitely the best year ever in trance house history
some retards decided to rob my bank (scotiabank @ yonge and john street)

goddamn... there are cops/firemen/police bears all over the place, scoping out the scene.
they were all "we're in ur backyard, lookin for criminilz"
i hope they dont find joint roaches in the grass... going all CSI on my ass
november 1st is my birthday. therefore, the first weekend of november (either friday the 3rd or saturday the 4th) will involve a happyfuntime excursion downtown to get wasted in my celebration of leaving my angst-filled teen years. therefore, everyone is invited to come along and help me celebrate... the more, the merrier! if i recall correctly, this will be the first time im actually doing something to celebrate my birthday in... well, quite a well. it'll be good times, so make sure you show up!

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how dare the pope call us, the muslim peoples, violent! FOR THAT REMARK, WE WILL KILL THE POPE AND EVERYONE WHO IS CHRISTAIN! THAT WILL SHOW THEM!

the funnier piece of all of this is that the pope's comments about islam (for those of you who lived under a rock, he said:
"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.") is so hypocritical as well... just a giant irony train! because, you know, christianity was spread by people prancing along under a rainbow, holding a basket full of dasies and throwing them to the pagans!
this summer is different. it isn't like the summers of yore, when all the happy elves would dance around the trees, singing into their lollipop microphones, with candy raining from the sky! this summer doesn't quite know whether its coming or going, heaving or ho'ing fo sho'ing.

at work, i get to wear something on my hand/arm that resembles this:

except i have a LED infared sensor on my finger, and a screen on my wrist computer! i feel like a jetson! or at least like christain bale in equilibrium. what a great movie.

speaking of good movies, clerks 2 and a scanner darkly is recommended to all! ok? ok. bye!

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i don't know how many of you keep up with the current events of the world, but you really should. right now, it seems like most countries on this planet are very unhappy with the recent bullshit going down in the middle east. of course, team america will side with their only ally in the middle east but i am afraid that they will use this recent hezbollah (which is backed up by iran) attacks in northern israel as an excuse to attack iran. of course, this will bring another near-world war yet again. 3 worlds wars in the span of less than 100 years.

also, i have family in israel right now. my cousin is their with her bf. bah!

this isnt good.

edit: the leader of hezbollah just declared open war on israel. possibly going to attack israeli nuke sites which would cause huge amounts of radiation to cover lots of ground in the region.

AHHHHHH FUCK THIS WORLD, WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING BITCHES! why can't they just settle this over a nice clean game of chess?

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go france!

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